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Student Threat Assessments: An Appropriate Response to a Growing Problem

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Student Threat Assessments: An Appropriate Response to a Growing Problem

Dennis Lewis
Date of Post
Nov 28, 2009

Workshop Description

From time to time, students of all ages make veiled or direct threats of harm to self, other students, or school staff.  And, although several agencies have created lists of characteristics of students most pronoe to violent behavior, this informational alone does not necessarily paint the whole picture in terms of the situation's potential nor does it always provide for a clear strategy in determinig an appopriate intervention.

This workshop will provide school personnel with informaiton that will help them work with all staff in an effort to recognize, identify, and analyze threatening behavior by students.  Utilizing information based upon the educaitonal research conducted by the United States Secret Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the importance of utilizing a systematic approach will be stressed in deciding upon a course of action. 

Intended Audience

School Administrators, Teachers, Counselors, School Resource Officers, School Social Workers, School Nurses, School Safety Coordinators

Instruction Objectives will include:

  • Understand the basic premises behind student threat assessments
  • Recognize a school staff's responsibilities related to serious threats of violence
  • Understand the need, value, and steps in the process for a team approach to a student threat of violence



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