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Identifying and Managing the Aggressive or Violent Individual in a School Setting

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Identifying and Managing the Aggressive or Violent Individual in a School Setting

Dennis Lewis
Date of Post
Jun 1, 2009

Workshop Description

School personnel often find themselves in the unfortunate position of managing verbally or physically aggressive behavior from students and/or adults.  Knowing how to calm and de-escalate aggressive behavior, as well as understanding a staff's moral, ethical, and legal responsibility in dealing with threatening behavior, is crucial information for today's educator. 

Participants in this training will be provided practical ideas, strategies, and techniques that will help them respond to any type of classroom or school emergency in a manner that protects everyone's dignity, as well as provides for the safest possible outcome for all parties. 

Intended Audience

Administrators, Counselors, Teachers, Support Personnel, Risk Managers, Safety Coordinators, Social Workers, School Nurses, Bus Drivers, School Resource Officers

Instructional Objectives will include:

  • Recognize and understand the early warning signs of those susceptible to aggressive and/or violent behavior
  • Understand calming and de-escalation techniques, as well as how and when to utilize
  • Understand basic rules for managing violent and combative individuals in a school setting
  • Understand a school staff's responsibility when dealing with threatening behavior
  • Understand how to respond appropriately to classroom or campus emergencies


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