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Off to a Safe Start

Dennis Lewis
Date of Post
Sep 27, 2009

Start Your School Safety Planning Now  

While pre-service teachers receive instruction associated with classroom management, most will receive limited, if any, information related to issues of school violence. Unfortunately, many experienced teachers also lack knowledge and training on this important topic. Though most schools are secure and orderly, even the best of educational environments may experience events that turn violent; it is then that staff will be expected to respond in a reasonable, professional and prudent manner. 

The training received by teachers on school safety usually occurs just before the beginning of the school year and may be limited to a few minutes out of a lengthy faculty meeting agenda. When it comes right down to it, what other topic is of greater importance for a school that student and staff safety? 

Who, What, and When

Who should be trained? 

What should the training include? 

When is training most critical?